COVID 19 Update

Carnegie Dental Clinic Re-opening details

We are pleased to tell you that we will be seeing patients from Monday 8th June, as per the Government’s recent instruction. If you have been advised to shield from Coronavirus or if you are deemed to be at risk of severe symptoms if you catch Coronavirus, we would advise that you postpone any non urgent dental treatment until the Government deems it safe for you to leave your home.

Initially we will be seeing patients for dental treatments that do not cause an aerosol, eg pain assessments, extractions, adjusting dentures and temporary dressings that do not require the use of a high speed drill. We plan to increase the range of treatments that we can provide in line with advice from NHS England as the National Coronavirus risk level reduces.

If after assessing you it is decided that an aerosol treatment is required to resolve your pain we will continue to refer you to our local Urgent Dental Centre for treatment at this time.

We have been busy making changes to all of our practice policies and procedures in the time that we have been closed and your journey through the dental practice will be quite different the next time that you attend.

The changes that we have made have all been designed to reduce the risks to our patients and our team of catching Coronavirus.

We aim to do this by ;

1, Screening patients as they attend for appointments and also screening staff
2, Reducing the numbers of patients in the practice at any one time to ensure social distancing
3, Reducing the amount of time every patient spends on the premises
4, Continued high levels of cross infection control in all areas, both clinical and non-clinical

By reducing the factors above and operating with an enhanced level of personal protective equipment (PPE) we will greatly reduce any Coronavirus risks to both patients and the dental team. This week, I qualified as a competent mask fit tester, so that I can meet the legal requirement to test the fit of all the FFP2 and FFP3 masks on the team in house before we offer aerosol treatments

The "New normal" dental visit at Carnegie Dental Clinic.

We will be conducting video consultations or telephone consultations with you the day before your appointment. In these we will review your medical history, complete a covid-19 risk assessment questionnaire and find out about any dental problems that you may be having.

We will then use DocuSign to send out your completed medical history and completed Coronavirus questionnaire via email, along with instructions about how to virtually sign these forms. You may be asked to pay for your dental treatment at this consultation.

On the day of your appointment please notify our reception that you have arrived by a telephone call to 01274 590777 and if possible stay in your car. We will then ring you back when the dentist is ready for you.

Please come to your appointment unaccompanied (unless you are under 16y) and with minimal baggage.

If you are unable to stay in your car please attend no earlier than 5 minutes before your appointment.

You will be greeted by our receptionist who will unlock the door and take your temperature.

After this you will be asked to use our hand sanitiser and to place your coat and belongings into a sealed container.

You will then be escorted to your surgery where your dentist, hygienist or therapist will greet you. Due to our additional PPE we may look a little different to usual but don’t worry, we will still have our usual friendly smiles underneath the masks!

You will be asked to rinse with an anti-bacterial&viral mouthwash in the surgery before treatment commences and will be asked to refrain from using the spittoon.

Once your visit is complete the receptionist will make your next appointment. This will be emailed to you.

If you have a quote for dental treatment we will also email this to you via DocuSign for your virtual signature. You will need to sign this before we can commence any treatment on your plan. Please note that any paperwork via DocuSign is easier to read on a computer or tablet than via a mobile phone.

If you have any queries relating to your treatments please let us know and a member of our team will give you a call to discuss your concerns and queries once you get home.

Unfortunately we will no longer be offering co-ordinated exam and hygiene appointments and these will need to be booked on different days. This is because we cannot maintain social distancing with multiple patients sat in the waiting room. The patient toilet will also be out of use, so please bear this in mind.

We understand that your dentist visit will seem very different and that many of our patients will be apprehensive about returning to the practice.

We have researched and purchased the most effective disinfectants against covid-19 which will be used throughout the practice.

All surgeries will be deep cleaned inbetween patients as per health and safety requirements, as will all of the communal areas.

Please be reassured that the steps we have taken will enable us to provide you with Dentistry safely during these challenging times and we look forward to seeing every one of you.

Yours Sincerely

Alex & the team

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Carnegie Hygiene Plans

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Hygiene Payment Plans

Healthy teeth begin with healthy gums. If you’re suffering from bleeding, sensitive or swollen gums, bad breath, or teeth that seem to have moved, don’t delay in making an appointment with one of our highly trained hygienists.

Studies show that the incidence and progression of gum disease is greatly reduced in patients who attend regular hygienist appointments.

Below is a summary of our great value monthly hygiene plans.

Dental Plans

Teeth feel amazing thank you, plus no filling for a while now!

—— Greg, South Milford

    • Hygiene and tough stain removal appointment


      • This 30 minute appointment is recommended for your first visit with us
      • Full mouth plaque and tartar removal
      • Screening for oral cancer and gum disease
      • Bespoke care plan for your gum health
      • Personalised oral hygiene instruction and diet advice
      • AIRFLOW stain removal technology.
        This consists of a projection of tiny particles of sodium bicarbonate directed at high pressure towards you tooth which removes unsightly staining caused by smoking, tea, coffee etc. It is particularly effective at removing stain in between teeth that can be inaccessible to conventional  brush based methods of polishing.
    • Express Hygiene appointment


      • This briefer 20 minute appointment is aimed at regular attenders
      • Full mouth plaque and tartar removal
      • Screening for oral cancer and gum disease
      • Personalised oral hygiene instruction and diet advice
      • Traditional polish
    • Three visit periodontal disease treatment


      • Detailed 6 point pocket chart assessment of all teeth
      • Free Oral B electric toothbrush and TEPE brushes
      • Full mouth plaque scoring
      • Ultrasonic plaque and tartar removal
      • Screening for oral cancer and gum disease
      • Personalised oral hygiene instruction and diet advice
      • Long term maintenance plans are available to maintain gum health
      • Before and after photographs
    • Intensive stain removal hygiene appointment


      • This 40 minute appointment is recommended for your first visit with us
      • Full mouth plaque and tartar removal
      • Longer more intensive stain removal
      • AIRFLOW stain removal technology
      • Additional full mouth diamond polish provided
      • Screening for oral cancer and gum disease
      • Personalised oral hygiene instruction and diet advice
    • Hygiene for brace wearers


      • This 20 minute appointment is recommended for all brace wearers every three months to maintain oral hygiene
      • Exceptionally fine tipped scaler to access awkward areas
      • AIRFLOW stain removal technology
      • Full mouth plaque and tartar removal
      • Screening for oral cancer and gum disease
      • Personalised oral hygiene instruction and diet advice
    • Junior hygiene appointment


      • This 10 minute appointment is suitable for all under-18s
      • Tooth brush instruction and diet advice
      • Full mouth plaque and tartar removal
      • Screening for oral cancer and gum disease
    • Tooth Whitening


      • Free assessment for whitening suitability
      • Bespoke upper and lower bleaching trays included
      • Only 60-90 mins of tray wear per day
      • 4 tubes of hydrogen peroxide provided per kit
      • Before and after shade change review provided
Carnegie Hygiene Plans
Pay As You Go Fees Hygiene 2 Plan £7.35/month Hygiene 4 Plan £14.55/month Hygiene 4+ Plan £19.50/month
Simple Hygiene £52.50 2 Included Per Year 4 Included Per Year Not applicable
Intermediate Hygiene £69.80 Not Applicable Not Applicable 4 Included Per Year
Airflow Stain Removal £30.87 £26.46 £26.46 £26.46
Diamond Polish £20 £10 £10 £10
Tooth Whitening -(one Hour Trays) £395 £200 Discount £200 Discount £200 Discount


Facts about Gum Disease

What is gum disease?

Periodontal (gum) disease, is a chronic bacterial infection of the gums and bone supporting the teeth. Gum disease is often painless, signs can include red and inflamed gums that bleed easily on brushing.You may also notice gums that pull away from your teeth , loose teeth and bad breath.

What are the causes of gum disease?

The main cause of gum disease is dental plaque, which is a sticky film on the tooth surface. The bacteria contained in plaque release toxins that can damage the gums. The toxins cause inflammation of the surface of the gums which is known as gingivitis. This inflammation will resolve if the plaque is removed through cleaning of the teeth and no permanent damage is done.

If the plaque is left and continues to increase it can begin to mineralise and form tartar (calculus). Such hard deposits have a rough surface and allow more plaque to form and cause further damage to the gums. If plaque accumulates for a long time the changes it causes in the gums can lead to loss of the your teeth’s bone support, a condition known as periodontitis.

Can gum disease cause additional health problems?

Recently researchers have observed that people with gum disease were more likely to develop heart disease or have difficulty controlling blood sugar.

Other studies showed that women with gum disease were more likely than those with healthy gums to deliver preterm, low birth weight babies.

Risk factors for gum disease

The main cause of periodontal (gum) disease is plaque, but other factors affect the health of your gums by influencing how your body responds to plaque.


older people have the highest rates of gum disease


Tobacco users have an increased risk of gum disease


people with a family history of gum disease are more susceptible to gum disease


is a risk factor for gum disease. Research demonstrates that stress can make it more difficult for the body to fight off infection, including periodontal diseases.


some drugs, such as anti-convulsants and certain heart medicines, can affect your oral health.


Clenching or grinding your teeth can put excess force on the supporting tissues of the teeth and could speed up the rate at which these periodontal tissues are destroyed.


Heart disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis can interfere with the body’s inflammatory system and may worsen the condition of the gums.


A diet low in important nutrients can compromise the body’s immune system and make it harder for the body to fight off infection. In addition, research has shown that obesity may increase the risk of periodontal disease.

Carnegie Hygiene Centre – Direct access to a hygienist

Due to the recent change in regulations you can come to the clinic purely for hygienist services.

We have appointments available from 8am to 7pm.